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On February 13th 1503, during the war between France and Spain, the "Challenge of Barletta" was fought and won by Ettore Fieramosca and his Italian troops. This historic event left its mark on the Puglian coastal town for centuries, and earned Barletta the name of "Città della Disfida".

Despite gaining fame in the early 16th century, Barletta had, in fact, been inhabited since at least the 2nd century B.C. The evidence of which a number of tombs dating back to that time and discovered by archaeologists here. In Roman times, Barletta was known as Barduli, Baruli or Bardulos.

Today, guests visiting the town are greeted by the imposing "Giant of Barletta", an immense bronze statue measuring some 4,5 meters in height and brought here from Constantinople.
Touring the oldest part of the town, signs of both the Norman and Swabian dominions can be seen in the Castle.

The true jewel of Barletta has to be the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four palatine basilicas to be found in the region of Puglia. Not to be missed, the Giuseppe De Nittis Art Museum in Palazzo della Marra, which houses a number of canvases by the celebrated, Barletta-born impressionist artist.

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