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Because of its port Brindisi has been a powerful city since ancient times and is still thought of as the "Doorway to the East". The poet Publio Virgilio Marone resided here. For a brief period, from 1943 to 1944 it was the capital of Italy, when it offered hospitality to the King Vittorio Emanuele III.

Sites to visit include: Aragon Castle, the harbor Columns, Svevo castle, Tancredi Fountain, Brindisi Cathedral, the Church of Cristo dei Domenicani. Events of certain tourist interest: Cavallo Parato, the Procession towards the sea of the Patron saints Teodoro d'Amasea and St Lorenzo of Brindisi and the Osanna.

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Daniele Capriglia

Ostuni is the ideal place because of its centrality in relation to the rest of Puglia, a few minutes drive from major destinations. (Masseria Salinola) →

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