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According to legend, the origins of Canosa di Puglia date back to prehistoric times when it was founded by the Homeric hero Diomede. The town has the greatest number of archaeological sites in the whole of the Puglia region, including numerous constructions left by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Normans.

In the underground hypogeum lie the tombs of the so-called Dauni Princes, in which magnificent funereal trousseaux were discovered. Many of these findings can now be seen in the Palazzo Sinesi and the Canosa Civic Museum.

Once known as Canusium, the city enjoyed a particularly flourishing period during the Roman era. It was at this time that the Via Traiana road was built, comprising the bridge over the river Ofanto and the arch of Traiano, which can both still be seen.

The Castle overlooking the town from its panoramic, hill top position, the Mausoleum of Prince Boemondo d'Altavilla, and the Cathedral of San Sabino all date back to medieval times.

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