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Foggia is a city of age-old agricultural traditions situated in the heart of the "Tavoliere delle Puglie", and part of the area which comprises the Sub Appenine Dauno and the Gargano.

Those interested in architecture will find Foggia's numerous important buildings of particular appeal: buildings such as the Civic Museum, Palazzo della Dogana, the Umberto Giordano Theatre, Palazzo Maio De Vita, Palazzo Filiasi, the Church dei Morti, the Church delle Croci, the Basilica of St Giovanni Battista.

Foggia Jazz Festival, the Review, the Fair of St Caterina a Foggia and October Dauno are some of the city's most important events.

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La Locanda della Castellana


Marino Cassio


Marino Cassio

The Gargano offers different point of view on Puglia . The beaches and the sea with the coast is what attracts the travelers . The... (La Locanda della Castellana) →

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