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The sea and a canyon of ravines: these are the two most important features of Ginosa, in Puglia. The first is characterised by a long sandy beach overlooking the Ionic sea, whilst the second is a veritable natural wonder created by the erosive powers of the rain water working its way through the chalky rock.

For centuries, monks and preachers have lived in the natural gorges, leaving behind them the traces of their little places of worship and rudimentary constructions. Not to be missed, the frescoed Crypt of San Bartolomeo, the Crypt of Santa Sofia I and the Church of Santa Barbara where, to this very day, a poignant depiction of the saint is still visible.

Dominating the historic center of Ginosa and built so as to protect the city from enemy attack, is the 15th century Castle, fortified by Manfredi of Swabia. Each year in Ginosa an impressive re-enactment of the Passion of Christ is performed, involving some 300 actors and watched by hundreds of visitors.

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