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The name of Margherita di Savoia is inexorably linked with salt. In this corner of Puglia, just a few kilometers from the Gargano, we find some 75 square kilometers of salt beds the largest in Europe. Exploited since the 2nd century B.C. by the Illiri population originating from Dalmatia, today the salt beds of Margherita di Savoia appear much as they were left by the architect Luigi Vanitelli who, in 1754 and according to the wishes of King Charles the 3rd of Bourbon, redesigned the basins.

In 1977 the salt marshes were declared State Nature Reserve, in recognition of the incredible variety of birds, including flamingos, who inhabit the marshes during migration. Margherita di Savoia is a popular bathing resort; its long sandy beaches attracting a great number of holiday makers here each summer.

Margherita di Savoia is also home to an important thermal center where to enjoy treatments performed using the mud and waters extracted from the salt basins, the benefits of which have been scientifically proven.

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