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The white of the rocks and the houses, the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, and the blue of the sea. These are the colours of Puglia's Gargano and of Mattinata, picturesque coastal town just South of Foggia.

A popular seaside resort, each summer Mattinata is inundated with holidaymakers coming to bathe in the warm waters of the Adriatic and relax on the town's fabulous beaches. The large majority of summer vacationers are completely unaware of the fact that Mattinata has been inhabited since ancient times, as testified by the necropolis, believed to be some 2600 years old, located on the summit of the nearby Monte Saraceno.

Mattinata's Civic Museum houses a great number of findings dating back to prehistoric times, as does the town's chemist shop where, on request, visitors are able to view Dr Sansone's private collection of quite invaluable archaeological findings.

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