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Those approaching Santa Maria di Leuca from the sea are greeted by the impressive sight of the town's immense, 48 meter high, white lighthouse. The town is situated on the southern most tip of Puglia's Salento, in a spot which for centuries was considered to be the meeting point of the Ionian and Adriatic seas.

Santa Maria di Leuca takes its name from the Greek "leukos", or white, and the name of the Virgin this part added by St Peter himself during time spent here performing his evangelical work. A much-loved tourist town and seaside resort, Santa Maria di Leuca is a particularly popular destination with divers eager to explore the area's spectacular underwater caves.

During Italy's fascist period, Santa Maria di Leuca was chosen as the outlet for the "Puglian Aqueduct" and occasionally visitors have the opportunity to witness the quite dramatic spectacle of the water being released in to the sea. A monumental stairway leads from the aqueduct all the way to the Basilica.

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Palazzo Guglielmo

Small Boutique Hotels

Sergio Positano


Sergio Positano

Stay at Palazzo Guglielmo to experience an authentic slice of life in Puglia. The 14/09/13 the Daily Telegraph has selected Palazzo... (Palazzo Guglielmo) →

Vivosa Apulia Resort


Beatrice Longo

(Commercial consultant)

Beatrice Longo

At Vivosa Apulia Resort you will find a modern All Inclusive offer, relax, comfort and funny activities for adults and children. A... (Vivosa Apulia Resort) →

La Macchiola

Farmhouse Holidays

Anna Addario


Anna Addario

La macchiola is the best location where to discover the historical heritage of the south and where you can taste the real Salento food (La Macchiola) →

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